Custom FEP O-ring Manufacturer in China

Our FEP O-ring o encapsulated O-ring is produced from fluorocarbon or silicone with seamless FEP jackets. The FEP O-ring is used to solve the sealing problems due to its different features such as low friction and chemical resistance coupled with elastic properties.

  • Certified ISO 3601, BS 4528, and AS 568
  • Available in both inch and metric sizes
  • High corrosion resistant
  • Best for sealing application


YOSON is a leading supplier of FEP O-ring that offers excellent temperature resistance and it is required to maintain a quality seal for different industry applications. The FEP O-ring energized seal, is the best for sealing features of elastomer, plastics, and steel springs to increase the temperature and chemical ◦performance.

We provide custom FEP O-ring designs to maximize sealing and maintain sealing. The FEP O-ring is also available for additional upper temperature for up to +575◦F which is very good for sealing performance. YOSON will provide different sizes and specifications of FEP O-rings and free designs that suit your business requirements.

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Coated FEP O-ring

The coated FEP O-ring is commonly used for automotive, industrial, medical, agriculture, and many more. It is available in different colors such as black, blue, green, yellow, red and so on.

FEP Encapsulated Silicon O-Rings

Our FEP encapsulated silicone O-ring is available in different colors such as oil resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc. It is the most common seal used in machine design.

FKM FEP O-ring for Sealing

We manufactured FKM FEP O-ring which designed for sealing applications. It is the most useful for engines, machines, heavy equipment, for food and beverages machines, and is resistant to chemical attacks.

PFA FKM Coated O Ring for Bearing

YOSON provides PFA FKM O-ring for bearing that is available in customized the size, colors, design, materials, etc. It has a hardness from 20 to 30 shore to give the best performance.

Hollow VMQ Silicone Coated FEP O-ring

The hollow VMQ silicone-coated FEP O-ring is made from core materials like silicone. Our hollow VMQ silicone-coated FEP O-ring is pressure-resistant for up to 12mpa and can stand for up 200◦C.

High Quality Rubber FEP O-ring

Our high-quality rubber FEP O-ring are offer higher mechanical strength, extrusion resistance, high abrasion, high tear, and break-resistant. This FEP O-ring is available in hydraulic style.

FEP O-ring Advantages


We manufactured FEP O-ring that are flexible for different applications. It well known for its chemical resistance, and low friction, and offers a wide temperature range of 400◦ F.

Uitstekende prestatie
Uitstekende prestatie

The FEP O-ring can offer excellent performance and is commonly used for industrial applications. It is made from high-quality silicone and Viton to make it more durable and provide long-life service.


Our FEP O-ring can handle the pressure for up to 3,000 psi and can provide reliable sealing and excellent results. The FEP O-ring is easy to clean with the help of viscous liquid.


As a manufacturer, we ensure that FEP O-ring can provide reliability and durability at a cost-effective price. Our FEP O-ring is also FDA-approved which used for food processing equipment and more.

What is FEP O-ring?

The FEP O-ring is used to provide pure seamless encapsulations. It is produced using every latest technology using a combination of Viton or Silicone materials with chemical resistance and mechanical properties of Teflon FEP and PFE polymer. After the production process, the result is chemically inert and sanitary assured O-ring seals which are designed to overcome the common sealing difficulties.

YOSON is the number one supplier of FEP O-rings that offers wide temperature ranges from -60◦C to +260◦C. It is manufactured from FDA, USP Class VI compliant materials, and Sanitary 3A. The FEP O-ring offers superior performance.

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What is FEP O-ring?
FEP O-ring Typical Applications

FEP O-ring Typical Applications

The FEP O-ring is an inexpensive solution to many critical sealing applications such as industrial applications including:

  • Papier- en pulpindustrie
  • Food and Drink Processes
  • Auto-onderdelen
  • Computer Chip Manufacturing
  • Dairy and Beverages, Wine, Beer Industry
  • Scientific Glassware instruments

Moreover, our FEP O-rings are used for reusable syringes, glass flanges, vacuum service, large-diameter access covers, leak free bottles, petroleum mixers, flowmeters, chimneys, mixers & vessels, cartridges, high purity water, air-operated vents, and many more.

Benefits When Using FEP O-ring

As a manufacturer of FEP O-ring, we ensure to give a lot of benefits upon using it in different applications such as:

  • Resistant to all media
  • Can withstand in a broad range of temperatures
  • Suited to use different industries
  • Low contaminations
  • Provides high performance for any critical sealing applications
  • Kostenefficient
  • High density and highly durable
  • Outstanding in liquid permeation and gas resistance
  • Good mechanical properties and improving sealing performance
  • En nog veel meer.
Benefits When Using FEP O-ring

YOSON – Your Leading FEP O-ring Supplier in China

YOSON – Your Leading FEP O-ring Supplier in China
YOSON – Your Leading FEP O-ring Supplier in China

YOSON is a trusted supplier of FEP O rings which are recommended when a standard O-ring has inadequate for chemical resistant applications. It offers reliable elasticity and long-term fluid sealing. We provide a custom gland design of FEP O-ring to maximize sealing using the right amount of compression force. By that, it helps to maintain a seal without over compressing.

We have a professional Engineer who plans to make a durable and strong FEP O-ring fit in a widely used for different applications of sealing. It is also solvent resistant except for the attack of fluorine, alkaline metals, and some halogenated compounds, but it is a virtually universal seal for use in any environmentally hostile environment.

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Materials for FEP O-ring

The main materials used to make our FEP O-ring are Viton and silicone which are ideal for long-life service in sealing applications. FEP O-ring offers a lot of capabilities which is prepared to a standard temperature below 205◦C. FEP polymer is an extremely low coefficient of friction and very permeability to gases. The Viton material is a fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber which is very good for FEP O-ring with a chemical-resistant gloves and molded goods. Silicone is a synthetic class material with a chemical structure based on chains. Meaning it is typically resistant to chemical attacks.

FEP O-ring Quality and Standard Manufacturing

The FEP O-ring is consist of a uniform and seamless Teflon which encloses completely the core materials of silicone or Viton. We used the molding process to make the quality of the FEP O-ring before it goes to the markets and for the business owners. YOSON also used a standard manufacturing process of molded FEP O-rings to get close tolerance for the ID and particularly the cross-section of the rings.

Why Choose YOSON FEP O-ring

Professional Design and Excellent Quality

With more than 10 years of experience in production, we are experts in designing FEP O-rings. It is made from eco-friendly silicone, Viton, NBR, FKM, and more that help to give excellent quality and also performance. We are the solution even in ultra-high and low temperature, highly corrosive, ultra-high pressure, and other working conditions.

Offer Custom and OEM Service

At YOSON we offer to customize colors, design, sizes, materials, and OEM service FEP O-ring using fully automatic equipment to suit your needs. We can supply FEP O-ring worldwide for your business.

Free Sample and Factory Direct Prices

As a provider of FEP O-ring, we offer factory prices, free sampling, design drawing, fast proofing, and many more. We import big brand raw materials and offer free mold opening for standard products.

Enhance Your Business with YOSON FEP O-ring
Enhance Your Business with YOSON FEP O-ring

YOSON provides a different hardness of seals, food grade seals, competitive price, after-sales service, and no minimum order quantity. We can also offer the whole sale of FEP O-ring to build up your business.

  • “For many years that I purchase your product including FEP O-ring, it helps me to increase the stability especially when I use for industrial application. Thank you for giving me an affordable price, low MOQ, and no minimum order quantity. I will you choose you always YOSON.”

  • “Thank you so much YOSON for giving me a chance to use your FEP O-ring. It is very useful to prevent leaks, water-resistant, heat-resistant, and more. I will give you five stars for you and your team.”

  • “Your FEP O-ring helps me to enhance my business. It provides less friction, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and more. Thank you so much YOSSON.”

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