FS Seal Manufacturer in China

­­Yoson works dedicatedly to develop and provide a wide range of sealing solutions to the leading gas & oil companies global. With over 10 years of manufacturing various kinds of sealings, Yoson become a growing company with the following capacities:

  • Can provide a perfect seal solution
  • Top-quality sealing product with the lowest price
  • With fast delivery service
  • Uitstekende service na verkoop
  • Can provide all kinds of custom sealing requirements

Yoson FS Seal Manufacturer in China

FS seals are designed with an acting-double static seal and are commonly used as wellhead’s tubing and casing hanger seals. The FS seals are also ideal for use through a rough casing as it has a wide geometrical and dimensional tolerance. FS seals are made with an elastomeric sealing element and an anti-extrusion element called molded-in springs. Open coils with no initial tension are used as molded springs to allow rubber on penetrating during the molding. The FS seal has the capacity to increase its sealing force on every casing as it has a large cross-section.

Yoson is a trusted supplier of FS seal solutions for over 120 countries worldwide. We use a big brand of raw materials in manufacturing our sealing products. We also accept any instructed design of sealing ring and customized sealings colors, sizes, and materials. As we have the new innovative idea and technology for manufacturing sealing products, we ensure to provide premium quality sealings that can be suitable in any harsh environment.

Pressure Washer FS Seal

The pressure washer FS seal is known for its good quality sealings. Made with NBR rubber that provides abrasion and tear resistance. These kinds of sealing are ideal with many cleaners & connectors, and suitable for hot & cold-water pressure washers. The material is Norsok M710 H2S immersion certified and trusted in different application.

Conventional Wellhead FS Seal

The conventional wellhead FS seal offers various advantages. Designed as a replacement for O-rings and T seals, and can be used in stable or fixed services. The conventional wellhead FS seal’s design is one piece to provide easier gland installations. Also featured as resistant to rapid gas decompression.

FS Casing & Tubing Oil Seal

Kind of sealing that is applied in some rolling mills and heavy-duty machine transmissions. FS casing & tubing oil seal have some characteristics. These kinds of sealing have good chemical resistance, good corrosion resistance, good resistance to both low & high temperatures, low friction, high wear resistance, and excellent elasticity.

FS Cartridge Mechanical Seal

The FS cartridge mechanical seal of Yoson offers a low rate of leakage, long service life, corrosion resistance, and easy installation. Featured with two mechanical seals that joint with a single ready-to-place and install the unit. The brilliant design protects the tactful sealing, springs, and surfaces from impurities. With these kinds of sealing, some industries would experience less downtime and loss.

FS Oilfield Seals

Yoson FS oilfield seal designs are evolving to provide great abrasion resistance and eliminate extrusion for cementing, acidizing, and fracturing pumps. The design of seals also delivers the utmost sealing performance on every high-pressure service pump. The Yoson FS oilfield seals are very ideal for the abrasive and high-pressure form found in cementing and drilling services.

FS Compressor Oil Seal

Yoson FS compressor oil seal can be available in single seal and dual seal. The single seal can perform in numerous ranges of working environments with minimum pressure while the double seal works with high pressure. Our FS compressor oil seal is manufactured with high-temperature tolerance and resistance. Different materials such as stainless steel and PTFE is also available.

Verminder fouten
Verminder fouten

Yoson FS seals are perfect for sealing large clearance assemblies, FS seal capacity offers a reduction in time installation and the design supports correct placement in housing.


The flexibility of our FS seals with the securely bonded spring molds helps the fitting operation become simple and also ensures the correct and proper location in the housings.

Superieure kwaliteit
Superieure kwaliteit

The superior quality of Yoson FS seals can provide the best value of benefits, and that is the benefit of reducing the maintenance cost and downtime of every power plant.


In every industry, there are using some sealings that the replacement with exact sizes and materials used are hard to find. That’s why the Yoson can be your solution for custom sealings.

Materiaal ontwerp

Yoson has an industry-leading portfolio for FS seals, as long as the material capabilities. We are tested and proven for our diligent industry standards. The Yoson can offer different commercial grades of materials like FKM, NBR, HNBR, and other high-performance grades of materials.

Our engineered FS sealing has a superior performance in different demanding applications such as Norsok M-710 sour gas, Norsok M-710 RGD, ISO 10423 (API 6A)-the chemical aging fixture and immersion testing, and ISO 10423 F.1.11 – the thermal and pressure cycling testing.

Materiaal ontwerp
FS Sealing Integrity

FS Sealing Integrity

As Yoson FS seals have the high-performance sealing solutions, our company can ensure to maintain the sealing integrity of our FS sealing even undergoing extreme operating conditions like:

  • Wide ranges of pressure and temperature
  • Stab-in operations
  • Highly abrasive media and aggressive chemicals

Benefits of Using FS Seals

Yoson company executes in-house product analysis and verification testing for our proprietary customer projects and seals designed solutions at our Product Testing & Materials Development Lab. That’s why using our FS products delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduced installation time, damage, and delay
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Protects system from material lose
  • Long sealing life
  • Long equipment service life
Benefits of Using FS Seals

Choose Yoson to Provide Your FS Sealing Needs

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

Yoson has diverse teams that help to improve its innovation. Through our employee’s contributions to their capabilities, knowledge, and different experiences – innovations and the best solutions are emerging in our company. They are responsible for the new ideas, and creative solutions, and the result is our manufactured innovative products.

As one of the globally leading providers of sealings for the different industries of energy, we are inspired to create and provide the most effective and innovative solutions to our valued clients. Being a good sealing manufacturer is just isn’t enough, that’s why we still continue to attempt and strive to reach the exceeding industry standards.

Yoson FS Sealing Development and Testing Solutions

Elastomer Mixing Lab

Yoson capabilities are also innovated through our elastomer mixing lab, with this facility, we are able to cultivate new recipes of material. Yoson elastomer group of researchers is focused on working on the development of creating new formulations targeted and analyzing the most severe challenges commonly encountered by different industries on their sealing.

Material Properties Lab

Yoson has its own test lab for material properties that conducts physical testing for all types of sealings. Our material properties lab is also equipped to regulate different variations of testing for the plastics and elastomer’s mechanical properties – Compression Stress Testing, Immersion Testing, Combustible Testing, Flammable Testing, Flexural Strength, and Tensile Testing.

Thermal Cycling Lab

Our Thermal Cycling Test Lab is committed to function testing on different variety of sealing solution products such as FS seals, T-seals, and Spring seals. Yoson Thermal Cycling Test Lab facilities also utilize an environmental hall, accumulator’s vessel, and gas booster. Our Thermal chamber has a capacity of 2,000 lbs maximum load.


Product Test Area

Yoson’s Product Test Area performs two product function testing such as ram packers and BOPs. Our Product Test Area facility is also capable of running customer-specific and API 16A testing. The typical test cover drilling muds, control fluids, glycol, and water. The pressure range is up to 103 MPa (15,000 psi).

Testing Capabilities and Rapid Prototype Development

onze Innovatie

Some application and complex engineering challenges are faced by our clients in some Gas and Oil industries. In response to those concerned, we generated the RPDTC service. The RPDTC service helps to reduce the length of time to supply the certified solutions to our valued customers.

Certified Key Solutions

With RPDTC’s comprehensive engineering, testing service, and manufacturing, we are able to provide:

  • From Start to Finish Dedicated Project Management
  • In-house Qualification Testing
  • Engineering Resources & Application Design
  • Application Challenge Solution
  • Turn-key Manufacturing (for Project’s Schedule)
State of the Art Capabilities

Yoson company has over a decade of expertise in material development, sealing technology, and the engineering innovation of sealing solutions. Yoson business unit gives focuses on exploiting the decades of research and improving the quality of our sealing solutions for the wide application and demand of some different industries.

YOSON – Leading FS Seal Supplier in China

Yoson empowers people and creates advanced technology to supply and provide the best sealing solutions to every business industry. We live in diversity across global regions, business groups, and markets.

  • Yoson provides us with the unique quality of sealing solutions. The output of their product appearance looks very fine and durable.

  • The capacity of Yoson to provide custom sealing solution products is incredibly amazing. Great customization quality!

  • The various type of sealing we’ve ordered were delivered beyond the estimated date of arrival. Thank you Yoson for the fast delivery.

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Where to use FS Sealing?

Here are the application and services that FS Sealing can be used:

  • Stab-in operations
  • Hydraulische cilinders
  • Wide ranges of temperature
  • Wide ranges of pressure
  • Casting and tubing hanger
  • High-pressure pipelines
  • Fluid and gas applications
What is the Maximum Operating Temperature of FS Seals?

Standard FS Sealing can manage to operate up to 400 °F or 200 °C.

What is the Minimum Operating Temperature of FS Seals?

FS seal can manage to operate not below -54 °F or – 48 °C.

What are the polymer material options of FS Seal?

HNBR, Aflas, and FKM materials.

Do Expensive and Branded Sealings Mean More Advantageous?

Well, expensive and branded sealing may be more efficient and durable than the cheap one. But sometimes cheap sealings are the result of direct manufactured products and matter to the company’s insights. In some cases, an expensive sealing can be also considered poor product quality if it is an inadequate seal. This may result in both brand and financial damage.

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