Rubber Bush Manufacturer in China

Yoson supplies custom rubber bush generally used as shock absorbers, abrasion resistors, and vibration insulators. They can be custom-made according to your specific requirements.

  • Solid structure to reduce noise and vibration
  • Widely used in automotive industry – vehicle production
  • OEM service, Customized colors
  • Successfully exported to over 120 countries

Yoson Rubber Bush

Rubber bush, sometimes called shock bushing or rubberen bus is a vibration isolator that gives a tensile interface between 2 firm parts. The rubber on suspension systems serves as a buffer, absorbing and dampening energy created by the interaction of such two parts. It differentiates the parts while allowing for mobility limitations – reducing noise and vibration.

Yoson rubber bush commonly comes in cylinder forms, encaged in outer coils and metal cases. While in their middle is bonded and vulcanized rubber. Its rubber, profile, and dimensions, are custom-made to meet your certain purposes. These are the most popular bushing especially in the automotive industry for producing vehicles.

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YOSON Rubber Bush

Industrial Rubber Bush

Yoson offers industrial rubber bush in great condition and quality. It is used in preventing rapid tire breaking, steering, and wearing issues. They are commonly applied in automotive fields, use to lessen vibration and minimize noise.

Motorcycle Bush

Motorcycle bush is available in custom sizes and shapes. It is practical in lowering shock vibration and transmission between components. They deliver numerous benefits to automotive fields, enhancing ride quality, comfort, and safety.

Shock Absorber Brush

The shock absorber bush is functional in lowering vibrating and shock transmission in vehicles. Overall improve the ride quality, high driving comfort, lowering vibration, decreased noise, and more.  Custom-made based on your needs.

Silicone Bush

Silicone rubber bush provides further advantages than other brands of rubber bush. One of its advantages is a high level of environmental resistance such as UV radiation, high temperatures, abrasive chemicals, open flames, etc.

Standard Rubber Bushes

Standard rubber bushes play a significant part in driving comfort and vehicle protection. It is used for aligning and placing steering and suspension bearings – containing sway bards, shock absorbers, torsion bars, and control links.

Car Rubber Bush

Our car rubber bush is typically applied in shock absorber mountings, anti-roll bars, gear sticks, internal combustion engines, and double-wishbone suspensions of most car units. It is made of polyurethane and rubber for durable performance.

Rubber Bush Benefits


No need for regular repairs since our rubber bushes have a long service life. They operate to every application smoothly and are long-lasting.

Minimise Noise
Minimise Noise

We provide custom-made rubber bushes that are used to minimize noise to every car unit. They ensure smooth, excellent performance.


Shock absorbers rubber bush deliver maintenance-free, lifetime service life. First choice in the automotive field, mainly in car production.

Hoge duurzaamheid
Hoge duurzaamheid

Every rubber bush we offer has excellent durability. They can last for many years of continuous vehicle use. It ensures ride comfort and quality.

How Rubber Bush Works in Automotive Industry?

Custom rubber bushes work by decreasing the shock transmission and vibration among automotive parts. It benefits mostly the automotive vehicle units because they provide excellent comfort and security when driving, and reduces damage, vibration, and noise.

These rubber bushes are highly recommended in vehicle production. It totally cuts down vehicles’ noise and quaking. From there on, automotive rubber bushes were approved for use beyond commercial vehicles and automotive industries. At YOSON, we provide diverse types of rubber bushes – useful for improving the lifespan and function of any machinery and systems.

How Rubber Bush Works in Automotive Industry
Grote voordelen

Grote voordelen

  • Upgrade ride comfort and safety – It is important for vehicular comfort and security because it position, and aligns suspension and steering parts. Rubber bushes must be in better condition to prevent excessive tire pressure and busting issues.
  • Ideal for multiple car units – These bushes are ideal to use as automated joints on rail and road vehicle suspension, captive cab fittings, gearbox mountings, and more. Ideal choice for both off and on-road units.
  • Offers maintenance-free, long service life – Custom rubber bushes supply rigidity properties for specific applications. It is commonly forced into housing, in doing so, it abolishes the need of using individual fixing tools.

Production Process

As well as extruded rubber items, Yoson bushings are also made using a rubber extruder. The step-by-step production process of standard rubber bushings includes:

  • Synthetic rubber preparation in line with the standards
  • Clean up, blast metal parts, and more
  • Carrying out adhesive in the process
  • A rubber compound is normally molded with a metal piece via extruder or pressure
  • Providing free drawings based on your ideas
  • Finalizing rubber bushes design
Production Process

Yoson – Premier Rubber Bush Supplier in China

Why Choose YOSON
Why Choose YOSON (1)

Here in Yoson, we offer a complete line of rubber bushings, which plays a significant role in the automotive industry. Due to their superb flexible properties and stretch-out characteristics, they can support isolation, bearing, lowering noise, shock-absorbing, and ride quality. All were SGS-approved bushes, fully functional in the automotive fields.

Yoson is one of the premier rubber bush suppliers in China. We serve our OEM customers with outstanding bushing solutions and could meet chaotic timelines and add up logistics value. Thanks to our wide expertise in this industry, it helps us deliver more quality and cost-effective bushing.

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YOSON Rubber Bush

Materialen die we hebben gebruikt

We offer various kinds of rubber bushes perfect for different certain applications, including:

  • Conical bush
  • Plain bushing
  • Laminated bush
  • Geflensde bus
  • Equalizer bushes
  • Void bushing
  • Pivot bushes
  • Suspension bushes, and more

Custom rubber bushes are used in the production of vehicles and machines. They are used in components that produced noise and vibration. Moreover, they act as effective seals – used with tubing, pipes, and wires. Their specific applications include:

  • Pivot bearings & rollers
  • Elektrische connectoren
  • Wear and wheels parts
  • Recreational and sports machine
  • Bushing seals
  • Mechanical connectors

Custom Rubber Bush for Multiple Applications

Rubber Bush for Rollers

Roller bush made of rubber is usually used for delivering mechanical power on any agricultural, industrial, and domestic machinery (e.g. tube-, wire-drawing equipment, conveyors, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, and printing presses). Its specific sizes, colors, and shapes can be customized according to your requirements.

Rubber Bush for Wheels

When applied to wheels, the rubber bush is formed like a sleeve or tube. Its shape aids with sliding movement and rotating efficiency. When installed on carts, they ensure smooth, long-run, and maintenance-free operations.

Rubber Bush for Bearings

When used for bearings, it uses a type of simple bushing. This is a mechanical component used to lower friction among immobile support members and twisting shafts. It offers benefits such as corrosion protection, simple processing, absorbing vibrations and noise, and reducing frictions.

Your Reliable Rubber Bush Supplier
Your Leading Rubber Bush Manufacturer in China

YOSON has over a decade of manufacturing experience. We provide the most quality, durable and customizable rubber bushes. If you’re part of the automotive industry, these bushing solutions are your perfect choice!

  • “Yoson is a great supplier when it comes to durable, high-quality rubber bushing. It is effective in minimizing noise or vibration – assures excellent ride quality. Great honor partnering with your team!”

  • “For my next rubber bush requirements, I will choose you again. Your services and your rubber bushes’ quality are very satisfying. Your professional team customizes my bushing orders accurately.”

  • “Yoson selections of rubber bushes are of recommended quality! After we got them, we tested and tried them for our automotive parts applications. They are definitely the correct items we want!”

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