Rubber Washers Manufacturers

Yoson supplies high-quality rubber washers for more than 10 years. There is a wide material selection, such as NBR rubber, foam rubber, silicone, foam silicone, and neoprene. We also offer customized services to meet your special requirements.

  • Excellent anti-aging performance
  • ISO-9001 and ROHS certified
  • Suitable for tough sealing environment
  • Customize rubber washers color

Yoson Rubber Washers

Rubber washers are a flexible component, flat rubber rings with holes in the center. It is used in a range of applications including sealing and dampening. They prevent leaks, absorb vibration, and protect surfaces. Plus, the rubber washer’s durability and flexibility, create tighter seals.

Yoson manufactures a full selection of food-grade rubber washers. That includes those made from EPDM, Neoprene, Santoprene, silicone, and so on. We also offer custom color options like black, red, blue, orange, and more. Additionally, rubber washers are available in different sizes per specifications. Yoson delivers OEM solutions for your specific requirements. Send us your drawings today!

Silicone Rubber Washer

The silicone rubber washer has extreme weather and ozone resistance. Its waterproof, anti-corrosive, oil-proof, and temperature resistant. Yoson can accept any customized shape and size.

EPDM Rubber Washer

Available in red, black, white, transparent color, and/or can be custom. Hardness ranging from 30°-90°A. Main features are oil resistance, high resilience, low temperature, and weather resistance.

Neoprene Rubber Washers

Neoprene rubber washers working environments are resistant, airtight, shock absorption, etc. Available in black, white, clear, or as your request. Special features are aging-resistant and non-toxic.

Rubber O-Ring Washer

The rubber o-ring washer can be used across a wide temperature range from -20℃ -+ 260℃. It provides strong resistance against oil, chemical, rust, water, etc. RoHS, ISO9001, REACH-approved.

NBR Rubber Washer

Yoson NBR rubber washer surface treatment options are adhesive backing, polishing, printing, etc. Available in any color, size, shape, and pressure. Alkali and acid resistance, oil-resistant, more.

Food-Grade Rubber Washer

Our food-grade rubber washer is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Available in white, black, brown, red, green, etc. Any color, size, and shape are available according to your requirements.

Yoson Rubber Washers Advantages

Hoge flexibiliteit
Hoge flexibiliteit

They are versatile, pliable, and conformable. They are simple to work with. Yoson food-grade rubber washers make it easy to attach fasteners, which efficiently prevent leakage.


Food-grade rubber washers are water-resistant, making them suitable for a variety of uses. They create a tighter seal than metal washers because they’re not susceptible to moisture.

Weerstand tegen roest
Weerstand tegen roest

The rubber washers are moisture-resistant and so do not rust. Don’t have to be concerned about contamination or harm. It will stand the test of time; it has excellent aging properties.

Leakproof Seal
Leakproof Seal

Yoson rubber washer blocks water, air, or anything else from entering or exiting when forced against a substance. They also act as a cushion, preventing vibration damage.

Rubber Washer Materials

Yoson offers rubber washer materials available in various high-grade rubber sheeting. From conventional natural rubber grades to high-performance synthetic rubbers. We offer high-performance materials to meet your criteria.

  • Silicone rubber washers
  • Nitrile rubber washers
  • EPDM rubber washers
  • SBR rubber washer
  • FKM/Viton® rubber washer
  • Neoprene rubber washers
Rubber Washer Materials
Rubber Washers Typical Applications

Yoson Rubber Washer Typical Applications

Yoson design and manufacture silicone rubber washer for various industrial purposes. It is used as springs, spacers, wear pads, locks, and more. They support aerospace, construction, automotive, electrical and plumbing, and OEMs. Here are more specific rubber washer applications.

  • Wet Environment: Because rubber washers are more fluid-resistant that makes them a superior choice for wet areas.
  • Expanding and Contracting Zones: They can be secured tightly in regions that demand continual expansion and contraction.
  • Afdichting: They can be made into a seal to keep water out. This is because it is waterproof.

Custom-Design Rubber Washers

Yoson can create custom-design washers to your precise specifications. Can be made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. We have sheet materials available – ready to cut or punched with hydraulic cutting presses. At Yoson, we can deliver rubber washers on a short lead time (7-10 days).

If you require samples of a rubber washer, we can arrange deliveries. Free design for your goods. We offer no minimum order quantities on our products. Therefore, any amount you need for your requirements will do. We provide one-stop OEM service for your special project. Contact now.

Custom Rubber Washers

Why Choose Yoson for Your Rubber Ring Washers Project

Rubber Washer Supplier (1)
Rubber Washer Supplier

Yoson specializes in rubber washer production for over 10 years. Aside from a food-grade rubber washer, we also offer a wide range of rubber ring products. For a decade, we had been exporting to more than 120 countries. By implementing ISO 9001 quality management system, you can guarantee our services. Additionally, rubber rings can also be custom-made based on your materials, sizes, and shapes choice.

We source raw materials from Big Brands in other countries. You can send us your design or drawings. We provide fast sampling and proofing. Wide sizes, color selection, and other special features. Yoson has complete automatic production equipment to design your food-grade rubber washer. No minimum order quantity. Plus, fast delivery of your orders within 7-10 days only.

YOSON: Rubber Ring Washer

Rubber Ring Washer Main Features

Our rubber washer has great characteristics which make it a better choice than a metal washer. Yoson series of rubber washer quality traits are :

  • Verminderd geluid en trillingen
  • Weather and abrasion-resistant
  • Compression flat finish
  • Versatile to various surfaces
  • Conformability and great pliability
  • Water-resistant and rust-proof
  • Vochtbestendig
  • Food-grade/medical-grade/high-grade materials
Various Rubber Washer Sizes

Yoson also provides a wide range of rubber washer sizes. From standard size to custom size options, we have and will provide.

Standaard Afmetingen:

  • M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, and M20.

Custom Size Requirement:

  1. Interne diameter
  2. buitendiameter
  3. Dikte

OEM Rubber Washer Industrial Applications

medische industrie

Yoson provides rubber washers for the medical and healthcare industries. Materials are 100% medical-grade and FDA -approved. It’s suitable for instrumentation, skin contact, medical diagnostics, implantable devices, and hypoallergenic uses.

Food Industry

Yoson food-grade rubber washers are exceptionally stable and inert, free of taint/taste. It also has low microbiological growth surfaces, which helps to prevent product contamination. That makes it ideal for culinary applications.

Automotive Industry

Our rubber washer is made with innovative technology to ensure trouble-free operation. It also features high tensile strength, noise absorption, and tear resistance. These washers come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Chemische en aardolie-industrie

We manufacture rubber ring washers for the chemical and petroleum sectors. It is useful for exploration, extraction, refining, and transporting. They achieve levels of dependability, safety, and environmental friendliness.

Electronic and Instrument Industry

The large rubber washers by Yoson can be used in electronic and instrument industries. It helps noise reduction by preventing vibration. This sort of washer is highly strong and long-lasting. Guarantees that fasteners are tightly positioned around it.

Rubber Washer Suppliers
Your Trusted Rubber Washer China Suppliers

10+ Years Rubber Washer Production Experience. ISO Quality Management System. Export to More than 120 Countries. Customize Color and Size. No MOQ. Provide After-Sale Service.

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