Rulon Seals Manufacturer in China

Yoson provides all types of Rulon seals made from high-quality Rulon grades. It can withstand a variety of harsh applications ranging from -240°C to 260°C. Custom your Rulon seal with Yoson!

  • Excellent design and structure
  • Provide high compressive strength
  • Superior abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Affordable sealing solutions

YOSON Rulon Seals

For your Rulon seals needs, you can rely on Yoson. We supply all types of Rulon seals series such as Rulon LR, Rulon J, Rulon 641, Rulon 123, Rulon W2, etc. It comes in different types, colors, sizes, designs, and features. This product offers excellent pressure and wear withstanding properties, chemical stability, low coefficient of friction, etc.

Yoson has 10+ years of manufacturing experience in providing quality seals. We offer a complete line of sealing products perfect for various applications such as pumps, electrical, automotive, food, and pharmaceutical applications, and more. You can request a unique Rulon seal production to skyrocket your brand.

Rulon Seal Material Grades

Rulon LR

Rulon LR grade offer universal chemical inertness, increase mechanical properties and versatile. It is used as a seal for piston rings.

Rulon J

Rulon J is an all-plastic reinforced PTFE perfect for sealing production. It can be used against nonferrous and nonmetallic surfaces.

Rulon 641

Rulon 641 is compliant to FDA regulations perfect for food and beverage industry sealing applications. Allow seal to operate without the need of any external lubrication.

Rulon W2

Rulon® W2 is a black PTFE-based material. It exhibits superior chemical resistance, good thermal dissipation, and low friction.

Rulon 123

Rulon® 123 features a glossy black non-abrasive surfaces with maximum operating temperature of 550 °F (288 °C). It is FDA and USDA approved.

Rulon 142

Rulon® 142 features good dimensional stability, high thermal dissipation, and low wear. It is abrasive and less chemically resistant.

Why Choose YOSON Rulon Seals

Excellent wear resistant material

Yoson provides a long-lasting Rulon seal surface treatment that won’t wear off. It offers high-strength, durable, and oil and solvent resistance to the product.

Lage wrijving

Being a leader in this industry, we can engineer a low friction sealing system for your application. It provides a flawless dynamic seal and high performance.


Based on your working environment and budget, our staff will work with you from materials selection to satisfy the requirements of your project.

Low weight solutions
Low Weight Solutions

Rulon seals feature light in weight, thus providing easy transportation and easy handling. You can order volume production not worrying too much.

Yoson Rulon Seal Material

Rulon seals are made from Rulon® fluoropolymer substance. It is a Filled PTFE, a high-performance series of unique, homogeneous filled materials. This material features high compressive strength, low friction, long wear life, abrasion and chemical resistance, dry running, as well as working in temperature ranges and under extreme pressure. It is also corrosion resistant without the need for lubrication.

Best grades Rulon can be custom-engineered into quality seals. If you are searching for a high-quality Rulon seal, YOSON is your ultimate choice. Our team can provide your exact requirements at a very cost-effective rate. We have a variety of Rulon grades for the production to meet your required application.

Rulon Seals Supplier
Rulon Seals Supplier

Strenge kwaliteitscontrole

Yoson has complete control over all elements of seal manufacturing. It ensures a constantly meet industry requirements such as BS 4518, ISO 3601-1, DIN 3771 Part 1, ROHS, REACH, etc. We can precisely specify and regulate seal tolerances and surface properties. Using the most up-to-date control and inspection techniques, we make sure that all customer-critical concerns are discovered right away.

Our automated and modern production processes produce Rulon seals. We employ highly skilled engineers and designers to create high-standard seals from Rulon grade materials. We can create the appropriate seals for the many sectors that you want.


Through our advanced technology processes and imported lathe machines, we can guarantee the accuracy and quality of our Rulon seals to meet our customers’ standards.

We can organize a mass production for your Rulon seals order if the prototype satisfies your test. The length of time it takes to finish your seal order is determined by the quantity, however, it normally takes 15 to 30 days. Contact us right away to acquire your seals as soon as possible!

Rulon Seals Supplier

YOSON – Your Premier Rulon Seals Manufacturer

Rulon Seals Supplier
Rulon Seals Supplier

Yoson Rulon seals have unparalleled quality perfect for your business. All our Rulon seals meet industry requirements. These can operate in a very harsh environment, low and high temperatures, various chemical media, and more. It offers low friction, high wear resistance, good electrical properties, and can run well against soft mating surfaces such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and other plastics.

Our professional team can assist you to find the right sealing solutions. You can choose the Rulon grade materials for your seals. We can design the structure of the seals based on your specifications. Whether it’s standard or customized Rulon seals, we’re able to provide you the excellent sealing solutions. As long as you tell us the working environment and size you require, we can help you in every stage of production. Our strict quality systems guarantee that our seals will consistently meet our clients’ standards.

Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

YOSON Rulon Seals

Rulon Seals Supplier

Rulon seals are popular for various applications due to their solution-driven features:

  • Chemische traagheid
  • Lage wrijvingscoëfficiënt
  • Krasbestendig
  • Non-lubricated operation
  • Corrosiebestendig
  • Provide self-lubrication of the part
  • Withstand high or low levels of temperatures
  • hoge elasticiteit
  • Taai en duurzaam
Rulon Seals Supplier

You can get excellent quality Rulon seals from Yoson. After the customer’s communication and quotation proposal, below are the procedures we take to deliver your products.

  • Order bevestiging
  • Inkoop
  • Incoming inspection/material inventory
  • Production plan, molding
  • Post Cure process
  • Trimming / Assembly process
  • Inspection of finished Parts
  • Inpakken en verzenden

How YOSON Rulon Seals Skyrocket Your Business

Wide Variety of Options

Yoson provides various shapes, sizes and materials of Rulon seals. We can produce the perfect sealing solution using our modern processing technique and equipment. Custom the seals to boom your brand.

To start your business, we offer low MOQ and cost-effective sealing products. We source the best and most cost-effective materials to meet the requirements of your project and budgets. All products are manufactured in our facility to ensure direct factory prices.

High Quality Rulon Seals

Yoson manufactures high-quality seals from 5mm to 50 inches. We ensure the material, size, design, color, features, and other specifications satisfy your needs. All products are approved by ISO, REACH, FDA certifications, and more.

Snelle levering

We can make or reproduce practically any seal for your exact needs using an automated computer-controlled method. It ensures efficient prototype and manufacturing. Our company provides a complete service from design to production, as well as a robust after-sales service system, 24-hour response to inquiries, and quick delivery. The delivery time is usually 7-15 days.

Rulon Seals Manufacturer
Your Professional Rulon Seals Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a professional Rulon seal manufacturer in China. We supply all types of versatile design seals for your specifications. For your unique requirements, contact us today!

  • “Yoson delivers high-performance Rulon seals in China. They support my full customization requests and requirements. All sealing solutions we received are in good condition and packaging.”

  • “I highly recommend Yoson for a reliable Rulon Seal production. All seals are made from certified materials and designed exactly to my specifications. No doubt, this company boom my brand.”

  • “Yoson Rulon seals have unmatched quality and performance. It is meticulously manufactured, has high strength, low friction coefficient, etc. It is obviously made from high-quality Rulon grades.”

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